Comments from our former clients

“The divorce was an overwhelming process. During such a sensitive time, Chris immediately put me at ease. He was delicate and even made me smile at times with his great sense of humor. He took the time to walk me through the legal language and made sure I not only understood it but also felt informed of my options. He went above and beyond the role of a lawyer and helped prevent what was already a difficult situation from escalating. It felt good knowing he was by my side during that horrible time. I’d recommend Maniscalco & DiOrio anytime to anyone.”

“I was going through a very stressful period as a result of the case I was involved in. But I found Chris to be extremely calming. I felt going in that I was going to be alone to face these tough times and there he was every step of the way. He never left it up to me to figure out what was going on. He listened to my concerns, gave me good advice instead of false hope, helped me make tough decisions, and was beside me every step of the way.”

“Chris was a lifesaver when my employer falsely terminated me and withheld my severance. I didn’t know which way to turn. I’d never been in a situation like this before. But his humor, and knowledge right away put me at ease. I could call him any time, day or night, and he’d always respond to me. I was ready to accept what had happened to me, but Chris educated me that what was happening was wrong, and he fixed it. He’s a lifesaver.”

“Chris was a great help during my divorce. He was able to provide the proper advice to get through this very tough time while also laying out potential pitfalls, which he helped us avoid. He always went that extra mile on my behalf. He was thoughtful and sincere in his advice. Chris always told it like it was and was totally sympathetic to my situation.”