Attorneys Michael Maniscalco and Christopher DiOrio are informative and entertaining speakers for local civic, charitable, church and business groups.

Fascinating, informative Presentations for Your Group

Attorney Christopher DiOrio

  • “How I Lost 230 Pounds and Found My Life,” a true story
  • “How the Internet is Changing the Way We Live”
  • “Changes in the Law With Serious Surprises for Married Couples”
  • “What You Need to Know About Child Custody – But Probably Don’t”

Attorney Michael Maniscalco

  • “Funny Lessons from the Law Books”
  • “How to Get The Most From Your Lawyer – Without Going Broke”
  • “How to Avoid Getting Sued”
  • “What Lawyers Don’t Like to Talk About.”

Presentations can be customized for your group

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